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  1. UWaterloo Faculty Hoodie - Engineering
    As low as CA$44.99
  2. UWaterloo Contrast Hoodie
    As low as CA$29.99
  3. Waterloo Warriors T-Shirt
    As low as CA$15.99
  4. UWaterloo Mens Golf Shirt
    As low as CA$24.99
  5. Hoodie and Tee Shirt Bundle
    As low as CA$39.99
  6. UWaterloo Classic Hoodie
    As low as CA$36.99
  7. Champion Hoodie
    As low as CA$49.99
  8. Waterloo Warriors Hat & Tee Bundle
    As low as CA$16.20
  9. Waterloo Warriors Nike Hoodie
    As low as CA$86.99
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