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  1. UWaterloo Hoodie with Horizontal Logo Centred
    As low as CA$49.99
  2. UWaterloo Hoodie with Centred One-colour Crest
    As low as CA$39.99
  3. UWaterloo Hoodie with Full Colour Crest Centred
    As low as CA$49.99
  4. UWaterloo Classic Hoodie
    As low as CA$36.99
  5. UWaterloo Dad Crewneck - Centred Logo
    As low as CA$39.99
  6. UWaterloo Hoodie with shield centred on the chest
    As low as CA$39.99
  7. UWaterloo 1/4 Zip Sweater - Logo Left Chest
    As low as CA$28.79
  8. UWaterloo Faculty Name Hoodie - Applied Health Sciences
    As low as CA$44.50
  9. UWaterloo Full Zip Hoodie
    As low as CA$44.99
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