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  1. Herschel Chapter Travel Kit
    As low as CA$44.99
  2. WillLand Backpack UWaterloo Luminosa 25l
    As low as CA$59.99
  3. WillLand UWaterloo Romantica Backpack
    As low as CA$59.99
  4. Herschel Heritage Shoulder Bag 8l
    As low as CA$69.99
  5. Herschel Heritage Crossbody Bag
    As low as CA$47.99
  6. UWaterloo Umbrella Mini Pocket
    As low as CA$19.99
  7. UWaterloo Crest Umbrella
  8. Alumni Lanyard
  9. BSafe Keychain - Ocean Blue and Charcoal Medium
    As low as CA$40.00
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