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  1. Cognitive Surplus Travel Thermos
    As low as CA$44.99
  2. Hydro Flask Coffee Mug
    As low as CA$33.95
  3. UWaterloo Umbrella Mini Pocket
    As low as CA$19.99
  4. UWaterloo Grad Owl
  5. Plush Giant Microbes
    As low as CA$19.99
  6. UWaterloo Plush Goose
  7. Nalgene UWaterloo Sustain Wide 32 oz
    As low as CA$24.99
  8. Hydro Flask Bottle Flex Cap Straw Lid (21oz.)
    As low as CA$49.99
  9. YETI Rambler 769ml Bottle with Chug Cap
    As low as CA$60.00
  10. Herschel Settlement Pencil Case
    As low as CA$29.99
  11. Herschel Chapter Travel Kit
    As low as CA$44.99
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